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Your study at KYSA

If you are going to study, you want to be assured of a perfect course of your studies. Read on this page how we are committed to this. Do you have any questions? You can contract us 24/7 worldwide by filling in the contact form of the KYSA. We will contact you within 24 hours.
Studying at home
All courses and training of KYSA-KYTT-SSMHG can be followed as a home study. You study in your own time, environment and pace. Because we also know that life often requires a flexible attitude and we are happy to facilitate that.
Free trial lesson
Are you unsure whether a course is right for you? Then first ask our tutors what your question is. We are happy to help you with all your questions and to give appropriate study advice.
Get started right away
You can start with a study almost immediately, often without specific prior education. After registration you will receive your desired study in your mailbox within a minute.
Study at your own pace
At KYSA you study in complete freedom. You will receive the complete study package in one go. You determine the pace of your studies. You may speed up or take a study break at your own discretion. You retain the right to homework correction, supervision and exam for 3 years after the start. Your study pace has no influence on the total tuition fees owed or the installments to be paid.
Teaching materials and reference work
All our teaching material has been compiled by the SSMHG and provided with the latest insights. This way you always acquire the most up-to-date knowledge. The teaching material has a clear layout and an attractive design. This ensures a pleasant study experience. Afterwards you can easily consult the teaching material as a reference work.
Study counseling
From your registration to the diploma you will receive guidance from an experienced team of tutors. They will check your submitted homework for you, answer your questions about the curriculum and can advise on a follow-up study.
Diploma or certificate
After completing all lessons and completing all homework assignments, you will receive a free certificate of participation. (Download Version) For a paper version you can apply to customer service, the costs for a certificate are 45 dollars. This includes the certificate of the professional organization SSMHG.