What is a shaman?
A shaman is sometimes also called a medicine man or woman. It is a spiritual person who is in contact with ancestors and therefore often works as a medium. A shaman assumes that everything a soul has is the same energy. This includes trees, animals, people, but also natural beings in the invisible world. Shamans have a strong connection to nature. They use the power of nature to make predictions and to heal people. A shaman does this on the basis of a ritual. He then does a ritual dance and enlists the help of drums and rattles to induce a state of consciousness that puts him into a trance. This allows him to travel through different worlds. He then visits the upper and underworld and receives the help of totem animals and nature creatures.
Journey to the Gods with a Shaman
A shaman travels to the upper world to appease the gods and to the underworld to guide dead people. 
They heal with the help of herbal medicine, as their ancestors did, but also often with the help of their healing energy.
What can a shaman help you with?
Because shamans are connected to both the upper and underworld, they can help you connect with your ancestors. Because of their medical knowledge, they can also help you with all kinds of health problems. But every shaman also has his own specialty. For example, there are shamans who are real weather specialists and who connect with thunder beings to influence the weather. There are also shamans who are specialized in tracing lost things, this can possibly also be a lost soul part. Shamans can also take you on a soul journey, a special experience.
A shaman on a soul journey
If you have never experienced a soul journey yourself, then this is highly recommended, because it is a special and beautiful experience. A shaman will take you on a soul journey and through this you can find your soul particles. Everyone has suffered soul loss and experienced trauma in this and past lives. In this journey, the energy that you have lost is regained. This will make you whole again.
Shamanism assumes that everything has a soul, the people, the trees, the animals, the stones, and so on. Everything is connected to everything, everything is equal to everything and is part of the Great Mind.
The origin of shamanism
Shamanism is of all times and occurs on every continent, but originally originated in Eastern Siberia and Mongolia. The word shaman comes from Tunguz, a Siberian language, and means "the ecstatic one". Anthropologists assume that shamanism originated in the ancient Stone Age. It is probably the precursor of many other religious and magical traditions.
Shamanism now
Some Native Americans (Indians) accuse Western people of abusing their rituals and views. And they are somewhat right about that because Western society has little information about their own ancient rituals and the customs of their ancestors.
And yet we feel the shamanic attraction and want to delve into it, but because the current knowledge of shamanism is based on that of cultures in which it still plays a role, it is also logical that our attention mainly focuses on the shamanism of the Native Americans.
RitualsIn fact, you can perform rituals in any environment, in a forest, but also in your own backyard. To bring shamanism into our lives we don't have to reproduce the rituals of other peoples one on one. Guides can also connect with you through your dreams. Look around you, at what is currently playing a role in your life, and ask yourself what is needed in your immediate living environment. Look for the balance and offer support where it is necessary and desirable. Don't force anything on anyone, respect your fellow man, even those with a different opinion.


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