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May Discount Tantra Sex Teacher Training + Free Mindfulness Course

May Discount Tantra Sex Teacher Training + Free Mindfulness Course
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Awakened conscious sexual energy can transform your experience into a more sensual, loving and fulfilling one. It is about connecting with your partner on an emotional and a spiritual level. It is the union of the female and the male energies present in the body, for forming a spiritual connection.


Tantra Sacred Sexuality not only assist you to create and circulate your most potent life force energy throughout your body, in the process you begin to release blocks consciously and unconsciously stored in your body.

  •     Feel alive and juicy – clear the blocks to full aliveness in your body
  •     Rediscover and unleash your passion at any age or stage of your life
  •     Take your relationship to a whole new level of bliss and ecstasy
  •     Open to more pleasure and surrender in lovemaking and in life
  •     Understand how sexuality and relationship are a spiritual practice
  •     What tantric sex is and how to use energy during lovemaking
  •     Have longer, deeper loving with increased presence and enhanced sensation
  •     Multi-orgasmic couple
  •     Beyond Sex : The power of sexual transmutation


Embark upon a sacred journey together to reignite the magical spark of your relationship, and to create a whole new depth of unconditional love, intimacy and consciousness through various principles and techniques.

  •     Explore your own fears, shadows, boundaries and desires in relationship together
  •     Unlock your wounds and deepen in vulnerability, intimacy and self-awareness
  •     Learn how to meet each others needs without losing your authentic self
  •     Learn how to be compassionately intimate with yourself and your partner
  •     Learn how to reconnect and experience deeper intimacy, understanding and safety
  •     Have your partner see you for who you really are.
  •     Rediscover the mutual trust, admiration, respect, passion, play, safety and freedom.
  •     Experience more bliss, intimacy, connection and ease on a deeper level, together through Tantra techniques