from price, Download Version Including participation certificate, homework guidance included, no registration with SSMHG

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From price, $199.00 Download Version Including participation certificate, homework guidance included, no registration with SSMHG.

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For complete Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 kytt teaching registrate the education of (390,- dollars)!

Kundalini Yoga has been taught for thousands of years and was brought to the West by Yogi's in the late sixties.
It is an easy-to-learn technology with enormous potential to strengthen the nervous system and make the glandular system work optimally. It makes you healthier, more energetic, more able to enjoy life and love yourself and others.
Kundalini Yoga is an original and complete form of yoga and is also called the yoga of consciousness.
Characteristics are the dynamic exercises, the attention to the breath and the use of Mantras (sound).
By simultaneously applying these different yoga techniques, results are achieved very quickly and responsibly.
In addition to many yoga sets, Kriyas, and meditations, this ancient science offers a complete overview of yogic guidelines, tips for maintaining a healthy and conscious lifestyle.

The Kundalini yoga teacher training is suitable for those who want to become a certified Kundalini yoga teacher, but also for those who want to deepen the personal experience with Kundalini yoga. This training is supported by the professional association SSMHG. The program guides you in developing a Yogic lifestyle and offers an opportunity for a transformative experience. The theory and the experience gained to contribute to the development of the skills, self-confidence, and awareness needed to professionally teach Kundalini Yoga.

Level 1
** The level 1 course is designed to broaden and deepen your knowledge about yoga. You receive the theory, practice, and experience needed to develop into a professional Yoga teacher. The training is a special and versatile learning process for everyone who is interested in a healthy and conscious life.

The uniqueness of this program is that you can learn this program at your own learning pace in your own familiar environment. You do not have to leave the house anymore. You do not have to wait for other students. Everything is very clearly described in the training. You will receive the theoretical training folder with the original Kundalini Yoga Exercise Book. The advantage of the Online Kundalini Teacher Training is that it is many times cheaper than other practice schools.

 Level 2
** Level 2 is a unique opportunity to undergo this online Kundalini yoga in a short time and at your own pace with experienced teachers.
This concentrated form of work gives you the chance to reach an even deeper experience and become immersed in the way of yogic life. This course is intended for anyone who wants to work and teach with Kundalini yoga.

Kundalini Yoga Training Institute. After successful completion of the training, you will receive the "International Kundalini Yoga Level 2 - Instructor" Diploma.

 Level 3
**Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training**
A body and soul of warmth, a healing commitment, hundreds of hours of instruction, more intense Yoga and Meditations, hard work, lots of fun, surprises and challenges are mixed together to create a profound experience. This training affects all areas of your life that will enable you to live in your full potential and strength.

For everyone who:
• Want to become an inspiring and powerful yoga teacher
• Want to get a deeper understanding of Kundalini Yoga
• Anyone who wants to connect with a larger community of teachers.