Angel Therapist 3x Split Monthly Payment - Download Version

Angel Therapist 3x Split Monthly Payment - Download Version
Product no.: AD1035
Price excl. tax: $125.00
Price (incl. tax): $125.00

Angel Therapist 3x Terms Split Payment - Download version

3x 125.00 dollar
*Split Study sending
*Month you receive Payment reminder.
*After when you are finished with the Angel training you are complete certified Angel therapist.

Who Would Benefit from This Course?

This course is ideal for those that wish to start a business as an Angel Therapist. Also, with links to Crystal Healing, Reiki, Numerology, Tarot, and other spiritual work, those working or studying in these areas will gain a lot from this course.

The Angel Healing Therapy Diploma Course is also of benefit to anyone who wants to learn more about this fascinating subject and to add the practices to their day-to-day lives. As angels are always with us and they wish to help us, you need only ask and they will guide you through everyday events with as much importance as life-changing moments.

Angel Content below:

* Life purpose between body and mind * How can you connect with Angels and archangels * The Angels * Help from the angels * The nine angels choirs * An angel for every purpose * The archangels * Who is who * Contact with your archangels * The archangels in holy texts * How many archangels are there * Aura colors, crystals, zodiac signs * Deceased loved ones and Mediumship * Deceased pets * Being a medium for others * The three parts of a session * The power of the name * Loving messages

* Your client * Remove blockages * The methods used in angel therapy * In conversation with the angels * How can you be sure that you are talking to an angel * Communicate * Relieve your fears * Take your lifestyle a closer look * The four brightnesses * Clear channel * B-answers for clear feeling* C-answers indicates clear knowledge* D-answers indicates clear hearing* Clairvoyance * Angels seeing

* Dreams * Pictures and orbs * Angel lights * Seven steps for opening third eye * Clearing fear blockage * Bad-wrong * Feeling ridiculed * Making an inventory of life * Seeing the future * Taking responsibility * Not being able * Past lives * Increase your sensitivity * Working with scent * Clear feeling * Doing too much * Psychological blockages * Healing during sleep * Regression * Improvement of lifestyle * Heavenly visions * Imagination

* Self-protection * Music * Cleansing * Imagination or misleading feelings * Clarity of mind * Clarity of knowledge can strengthen * Divine inspiration * Angelic experience based on thoughts * Clarity of hearing * Sounds in the ears * Clarity can strengthen * Ear chakras * Psychic waste * Open suppressed frequencies * Protect your physical ears * Messengers from heaven * Pay attention to the groceries

* Giving angel consultations * Angels around you * What is my life purpose * Remote consultations * Oracle cards and other ways of looking * Automatic scripture * Angel lights * Healing via angel therapy * Removing energetic attacks * Spiritual teacher * Light workers with their life goal * Steps that you have to take immediately * Presenting yourself * Assignments * Homework assignments (with each Module) * Professional