Online Mindfulness

Online Mindfulness Home course everywhere and anywhere to follow. Complete Certified Mindfulness Therapist with the Professional Association of SSMHG.

Training Content:

What is Mindfulness, Back to the source, Mindfulness in Buddhism, Anicca, dukkha and anatta, exercises, assignments, natural processes, experience of consciousness, touch, exercise, non-conceptual awareness,

pure mind, vispanna reality, insight meditation, breath, exercises, release control, assignments, meditation, mirrors and self-knowledge, process, karma, broader behavior, release, five obstacles, self-image, wake up,

exercises, assignments, mindfulness from the heart, elevated states, metta and love, exercises, ethical, walking meditation, job satisfaction, assignments, widening, vipassana meditation, concentration and breathing,

sensations, posture and breath, sounds, preference and aversion, assignments exercises, gathas, bodyscan, chakra yoga, budda mantra, gatha and breath awareness of smell, practice, the four elevated states,

attention exercises, openness, views, freedom, awareness of suffering, simple, anger, happy communication, loving talk, sangha, respect, responsible behavior assignments.

And more...

Afther the Training you can also following the Master Training of "Saarganjobaalja Meditation and Healing Master".


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