Psychic medium
A medium is a person who can make contact with the spiritual world. The spiritual world is the invisible world, where we reside as souls when we die.
A medium can connect our world and the invisible spiritual world by passing on information from the deceased to the next of kin, which turns out to be correct.
For example, a medium tries to prove that our loved ones are still there. When a person dies, he loses his physical body.
The Soul, however, continues to exist eternally in the form of an energy field. The identity of the deceased is included in this energy field. By making contact with this energy field, the medium gains access to the deceased. Contact with a deceased person is called a 'mediumistic contact'.
When most of us hear the term "medium," we think of Ouija boards, tarot cards, and crystal balls. Well, that or Long Island Medium Theresa Caputo. But there is more to mediums than Hollywood has led us to believe. Here's everything you need to know about the role of a psychic medium and clairvoyant, and what they say they do.
Mediums bridge the gap between the living and the deceased.
In other words, "a medium is someone who is able to communicate with souls on the other side" Andrew, a licensed psychotherapist and spiritual medium, says. However, contrary to popular belief, mediums do not speak with the dead. "There is no such thing as death," KYSA teacher Chantal Brington explains. "There is only a transition from the physical being to the spiritual being...and mediums are sensitive and intuitive enough to hear, feel, and see information coming from the other side."
Okay, but how do mediums interact with otherworldly spirits?
There are numerous ways mediums say they can facilitate "conversations" with the deceased. Chosen Eyes—an Austin-based psychic, medium, and tarot card reader, says "some choose to undergo possession, acting as a vessel for those spirits needing a human form to communicate with this world. Many mediums are also empathic, and thus are presumably able to share the experiences of those on both sides of the veil," and some, like Chosen Eyes, "interact with spirits as clearly as they do with those on this physical plane. Many of us are perpetually dancing between realms," she says.
What differentiates a medium from a psychic or clairvoyant?
The distinction between mediums, psychics, and clairvoyants can be confusing. In fact, many believe the terms are interchangeable, but that is not the case. "Mediums are able to raise their vibration high enough to connect to the other side," Samara Vlok explains. "Psychics have the ability to give information about the past, the present, or even the future, but not deliver messages from the other side" -Vlok receives stronger messages overall, i.e. clairvoyants are clear seeing, clairaudients are clear hearing, and clairsentients are clear feeling


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