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Kundalini Yoga Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 + Kundalini Yoga Master + Ayurveda Level 1 Level 2

Yoga and Ayurveda are sister sciences that developed together and repeatedly influenced each other throughout history. They are integral parts of the great system of Vedic knowledge which states that all the universe is One Self and that the key to cosmic knowledge lies within our own minds and hearts. As Vedic disciplines, yoga and Ayurveda work together to enhance their great benefits on all levels. They can be integrated with related Vedic or yogic sciences of astrology, architecture, music, and language for an even broader approach.

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Level 1 (module 1 + 2 + 3 + 4) what is Kundalini Yoga -The divine Kundalini snake - Yogi's -Yogi's History- the story of Kundalini from heaven - the origin - the task of Kundalini - Kundalini Yoga the Vedas, Vedanta, Tantra's - formula - what is Yoga - Kundalini yoga for everyone - strength and relaxation - health, movement, relaxation - health awareness - Kundalini yoga master - The eightfold path - awakening by transmission - the yoga - construction of a yoga session - Yoga and Kundalini - Kundalini shakti pat

Level 2 (module 5, 6, 7, 8) chakras - nadies - open chakras - the gifts - beyond the seven body chakras breathing - exercises - yoga techniques for purification - pranayama - kriya - mudras - the melody of mantras - own mantra - bandha's - exercises - complete - diet - are tighter and fitter - balance - philosophical thoughts - kriya for the eight chakra - chakras strengthen elements of a session - tutorials - kriya for 1, 2, 3

Level 3 (module 9, 10, 11, 12) meditation - exercises - exercise - kriya meditation for 3,4 the Chakra - Science - Ten bodies - the ten principles of a good life - Yamas - Asteya - aparigraha - Swadhyaya - kriya 4 the chakra - tutorials -the philosophical thought - meditation - kundalini and kriya breathing - breathing - meditation for the fifth chakra kriya for 6th chakra - biomechanics - nervous system - meditation for the seventh chakra - tutorials - kriya for the eighth chakra - teaching - promotion - disciplines - building session - example a yoga class plus the original bhajan yoga exercises the exercises book + open-book exam!


Relaxation lying on your back
Relaxation like the child
Guided meditation for teacher
Exercises to get out of the relaxation
The Chakras
Primal meditation
Sunia Antar
Tapa Yoga Karam Kriya
Meditation to stay young at heart
Antar Naad
Meditation to clear your head
Meditation for devotion
Ra Ma Da Sa Sa So So Hung
Meditation for giving healing like to a disease Child and Mother
Child and Father
The squat
The butterfly posture
Sat Nam meditation
Yoga games
Celestial communication
Yoga and nutrition Technology of Kundalini Yoga Worldwide Where to start as Teacher Spinal energy series Sa Ta Na Ma Guidelines for Sadhana

How do I deal with my Master's degree
Kundalini Yoga to adult
Kundalini Yoga to children
Put together the lessons


Training content:

Module 1, Welcome, Exercise series, Misunderstanding KYTT, Kundalini Yoga Serice, The right Mantra, Refresh memory, Breathing at Kundalini, Exercise for (conscious breathing) breathing at Kundalini Yoga, Sitali Pranayama Exercise 1, Conscious, Yogi Bhajan Faith, Intuition, 40 days meditation assignment, result, Preparing for the Aquarian Age, Mudra for the Kundalini, Bandha, Overview Assignments.

Module 2, Gong, The Inner Approach to the Gong, The Art of the Gong, First Mental Mangalacharan, Second Mantra Adi Mantra, The Battle of the Gong, The orientation of the Gong, Agni Pran, Exercise 2 Agni Pran, Fire Breathing for Mastering, Different seat, Exercise 4 cross-legged seat, Exercise 3 Vajrasana, Exercise 5 Lotus, exercise 6 Half lotus, Exercise 7 'O' Saarganjobaalja position, Exercise 8 sit, Mantra and exercises, Lek Ong Kar, Har, Ra ma da Sa Sé So Hung, Mudra the seal of yoga, Exercise 9 mudra yoga seal Gyan mudra, exercise 10 Gyan mudra active, Exercise 11 Shun Mudra, Exercise 12 Surya of Ravi, Exercise 13 Buddhi Mudra, Exercise 14 Prayer, Exercise 15, Venus Mudra, Exercise 16 Bear grip Mudra, Exercise 17 Buddha Mudra, Sikh religion, faith Sikhs, Sikh Values, Faith principles, Warden of Sikh, Sikh History, The core of Sikh, The ten Sikh Guru's, Exercise 18, Silence and Intuition, Exercise 19 Long relaxation, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, Commands Module 2

Module 3, exercise 20 Sat made meditation, make a decision, emotions in balance, guidelines Sadhana, own pace, focus, and attention, active and passive, 40 days, missing day, awareness, menstruation, correct Sadhana, healing meditation exercise 21, Mantra Guru Guru Wahe Guru, Guru Yoga Pranayam exercise, Refresher with exercises, Sundara exercise 22, Venus grip a23, Exercise 24 Chair posture, Exercise 25 yogi walk, 25 a, b alternative posture, Gong and the chakras, Gong and Yogi Bhajan, Gong rhythm of the strokes, explanation gong strokes, emotional transformations, Yogi bhajan nervous system, Parighasana abcde exercises, Exercise 26 Sirsasana, Exercise 27 Janu Sirsasana, Exercise 28 Rowing with the lower leg, Exercise 29 Cradles of your leg, Exercise 30 Stretch Kriya, Exercise 31, Eka Pada A + B, Exercise 32 Mother Clock, Exercise 33, Ardha Matsyendrasana, Exercise 34 Baby Pose.

Module 4, warming up, eating habits, exercise Sa Ta Na Ma, Healthy Happy Holy Breath, HHHB exercise 27, A good night's rest, Night rest exercises, Heal with your hands, Breathing before sleep Yogi Bhajan, Together Kundalini Yoga, Series Together yoga 1b , 1b, 2, 3, 4, 5, Tree posture 4, Relaxation for the eyes 5, The child and the yoga, children learn, a teacher during the Sabia, Sabia kundalini yoga classes, Sabia kundalini time, five Sabia kundalini abstinence, The fingers Exercise 1, The Wrist Exercise 2, The Knee Exercise 3, The Foot Exercise 4, The Hips Exercise 5, Nap Nap Series Exercise 6 through 10, Waking up like a yogi master.

Module 5, Kundalini energetic exercises, exercise 35 knock, exercise 36 shake, exercise 37 stretching exercises for the neck, shoulder arms Series 1 to 3, full yoga class, to strengthen the lungs, 1 to 15, Recovery time Kundalini, Sabia adventures, Sabia kundalini exercises, Madja exercise 11, Trup exercise 12, Vlia exercise 13, Klaka exercise 14, Pio exercise 15, Stapo exercise 16, Basoe exercise 17, Oe oe, exercise 18, Bra exercise 19, Wra wroe exercise 20, Example Sabia Kundalini.

Module 6, kundalini can cause discomfort, crisis situations, sudden kundalini activity, change in appearance with kundalini, recharge session for beginning kundalini Sabia less, exercise 38 a + b exercise 39 1/3, exercise 40 make aura stronger, exercise 41 40/44 , practice 45 series hips, recognize kundalini, kundalini and sexual energy, practice 46, record energy channels, catharsis, Sabia practice 20 blitsa, practice 21 doloo dolloo, practice 22 dabalo, practice 23 haio, practice 24 krig krig, practice 25 kroew kroew , practice 26 iko iko, the power of the child's unconsciousness, therapeutic deployment, Example lesson, assignments.

Module 7, Mastering the yoga, exercise series salaap problems exercise 46/55 kundalini within the relationship, kundalini and sex, tantra and kundalini, kundalini for more intimacy, kundalini yoga and immune system, exercise 56/72, driving exercise, courage and daring session 68 / 73, seven fundamental rights, exercise fundamental right sexual energy exercise.

Module 8, kundalini and spirituality, looking into each other's heart, loss of relationship, unconscious in the child, play therapy, therapeutic for a yogi, groo groo, shaking, ai ai, iwao, sira sira, bruh, groeta, kriho, berka, being emotion important, bow, naho, kundalini and enlightenment, life in the moment, + exercise, hange, shrinó, wheelbarrow, romae, Sabia kundalini ensemble, knot, knave, breath Sabia, kragma, concentration, example Sabia kundalini lesson, karma and dharma, precious stones and kundalini, magnetic field practice series 74 a, b, cd, e, f, g, h,


Ayurvedic Studies Program, Level 1

The Ayurvedic Studies Program, Level 1 (SSMHG level1), is the foundation of the educational programs offered at The Ayurvedic Institute. Students acquire a thorough understanding of the principles and practices of Ayurvedic diet and lifestyle, Sanskrit, Ayuryoga, anatomy and physiology, and client relationships. Level 1 is also considered a time to increase self-awareness, self-nurturance, community building, and rigorous study of Ayurvedic knowledge and practices.
1. AYURVEDIC Medicine Docter

Level 1 trains you within the professional scope of practice of an Ayurvedic Health Counselor. As a Counselor, you have the ability to assess and address general imbalance within the constitutional framework of the Ayurvedic paradigm. Our goal is to support you in becoming a competent, confident Ayurvedic clinician. You will learn the foundational theory of Ayurveda, practice assessment techniques, apply these in practical hands-on ways with extensive feedback from faculty, and acquire a diverse repertoire of simple and profound recommendations to support your clients. The application of Ayurveda begins with an assessment of an individual's constitution and their current experience of health. You'll learn to read the pulse, facial lines, tongue, nails, eyes, with other forms of observation and hands-on assessment techniques. You'll learn how to ask specific questions during a consultation to gain an understanding of an individual's constitution, current imbalance, digestion, elimination, sleep, stress, mental-emotional state, and other factors that impact a client's overall health and well-being. Ayurveda is unparalleled in its ability to give specific, individualized recommendations appropriate for the individual. As an Ayurvedic Health Counselor you will give diet and lifestyle recommendations to support your client's move towards greater health and well-being. You'll learn how to work with food as medicine and recommend dietary modifications to adjust what, when, and how a client is eating. You'll learn the effect of lifestyle, the importance of daily and seasonal routines, and lifestyle recommendations to offer clients including self-care practices, meditation, contemplative exercises, and pranayama (breathing exercises).

Level 1 gives you a thorough understanding of Ayurveda through classroom and supervised clinic time. As the science of life, this insight is applicable to all aspects of our lives. Graduates from Level 1 goes into practice as Ayurvedic Health Counselors, pursue additional clinical training, or integrate the wisdom of Ayurveda into their various personal and professional endeavors.

Feeling the pulse is an art. Awareness should be passive and one should let that awareness act upon the mind... to use a machine as a the diagnostic tool is alright to quantify perception but to qualify perception requires the sensitivity of the human fingers. Use the tips of the fingers to feel the nature or gati of the pulse and bear in mind the three basic pulses.

Ayurvedic Studies Program, Level 2

Level 2 Program builds upon SSMHG Level 2 with an emphasis on increasing depth and breadth of knowledge and application in a clinical setting. Graduates are competent in a scope of practice that includes being able to assess an individual's unique constitution and elements of physiological imbalance according to dosha, agni, ama, gati, and srotas en so much more. Graduates of Level 2 are able to create recommendations using dietary, lifestyle and contemplative practices along with customized herbal protocols and Ayurvedic treatments to encourage healing and a lifestyle in balance with nature. They will also be able to work with other healthcare professionals to develop recommendations and implement treatments for clients with established pathologies.

certification level 2 trains you within the professional scope of practice as an Ayurvedic Practitioner. Through SMHG Level2 you build upon your understanding as an Ayurvedic Health Counselor to expand the depth and breadth of your knowledge, application, and clinical practice.

In Level 2 you gain a more thorough understanding of The ayurvedic theory with an emphasis on how imbalance develops, root cause, contributing factors, disease process, and treatment. This understanding integrates an Ayurvedic and western perspective. During Level 2 you refine your ability to understand the nature of imbalance as it manifests within an individual through developing the use of known clinical assessment techniques and learning additional techniques.

Level 2 expands the treatment methods available to you in practice. You build upon the understanding of food as medicine to learn how to use Ayurvedic herbs in clinical practice and to build customized herbals formulas for clients.

Kundalini Yoga + Ayurveda

Ayurveda doctor Education + Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training L1, L2,L3 + KYTT Master Teaching in Download Version

Ayurveda doctor Education + Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training L1, L2,L3 + KYTT Master Teaching in Download Version

Available in Download Version for 2879.00 dollar Yoga and Ayurveda are sister sciences that...

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3x Terms Split Payment - Ayurveda doctor Education + Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training L1, L2,L3 + KYTT Master Teaching in Download Version

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Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training + Kundalini yoga Master Teacher Training + Ayurveda Docter Education Level 1 Level 2 + Openbook exam

Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training + Kundalini yoga Master Teacher Training + Ayurveda Docter Education Level 1 Level 2 + Openbook exam
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Available in Paper Version for 2879.00 dollar Yoga and Ayurveda are sister sciences that...

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