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New Study of the Year "Kundalini Pregnancy Yoga Teacher Training Level 1 Level 2 Home Education" Download Version

New Study of the Year "Kundalini Pregnancy Yoga Teacher Training Level 1 Level 2 Home Education" Download Version
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The benefits of Kundalini Pregnancy yoga
Pregnancy can put you quite unbalanced. Your body is constantly changing, and in addition to that beautiful belly, you can also experience less pleasant symptoms such as muscle tension, pelvic pain or swollen ankles. Yet you do not have to undergo all that passively; with yoga, you can subtly lend your body a helping hand.
Kundalini Pregnancy yoga is beneficial to relaxation, but you can also prevent fluid retention and stretch marks, for example. In addition, it also teaches you during labor to relax, to go along with the "pain wave" of a contraction, and to breathe through, instead of resisting it. This way you can make your contractions a lot more bearable.
Pregnancy hormones
As natural as pregnancy is, sometimes you can be overcome with fatigue and the pregnancy hormones play out. One of those hormones is also responsible for softening the ligaments around the joints to create more space for the baby and prepare for delivery. Not only around the pelvis but throughout your body you will notice some of this flexibility, whether or not you are an experienced yogini.
Which exercises can or can you not do?
Yoga is a good way to keep moving well into your pregnancy, although you will have to adapt many exercises to your changing body. It is precisely this extra flexibility that, for example, entails the risk of overstretching.
Avoid exercises that require a strong abdominal contraction, intense twists, and, if you're not used to them, inverted poses.
In the first three months of your pregnancy, don't hold on to twists for too long. You can use this to reduce the blood supply to your baby. In addition, never stretch to the maximum. The pregnancy hormone relaxin makes your connective tissue softer, which, among other things, makes the ligaments around your joints looser and more flexible. Pushing your boundaries is tempting, but you thereby force the connective tissue and thus increase the risk of pelvic instability.
Create a place where you can perform the exercises and rest. For example, yoga can support you in finding balance in a period full of major changes. For pregnancy yoga practice, keep pillows and blankets close at hand so you can use them for support. Make yourself comfortable!


Content Kundalini Pregnancy Teacher Training Level 1 Level 2

Module 1, trimester, Euphoric feeling, new beginning, week 1 to 12, intention, practice Pranayama, the connection week 7, Kriya opening the heart, the essence of life week 8, kundalini goddess sequence, grooming, week 9, lying posture, week 10, spine, intention week 10, Uttanasana, the bent-over posture, week 11, grounding, Vrksasana, week 12 Pelvic floor Kegel exercise, assignments.

Module 2, Week 13 digestive systems, Prasarit Padottanasana, face week 14, Intention week 14, kundalini and laughter, intention week 15, Ardha Chandrasana crescent, Asana the cat, week 17 nervous system, Viparita Karani rejuvenating posture, kundalini energy balance, vibrations week 18, labor breathing, intention week 19, Adho Mukha Svanasana downward dog, Touch, intention week 20, Kundalini together father and mother exercise, Overview M1 + M1, assignments.

Module 3, 2nd trimester, primal force, Virabhadrasana, intention week 21, m3 week 22, rays, Utkata Konasana, the goddess, m3 week 23, the center, intention week 23, Parvtta Sukhasana, week 24, making space, trikonasana the triangle, week 25, the pelvis, pelvic instability, week 26, eyes, intention week 26, Anjaneyasan the crescent.

Module 4, third trimester, week 27-40, week 27, Pregnancy kundalini and infatuation, Upavista Konasana wide-legged stooped posture, week 28, mindfulness, Baddha Konasana the bound angle pose, week 29, m4 courage, courage and teaching, courage and expectant motherhood, everything takes tired, Prasarita Podottanasana, virabhadrasana, the truths kundalini, week 30, week 31, rest and recharge, supported supine spin, week 32, flexibility, Marichyasana III.

Module 5, Content M5 third trimester, Module 5 week 33, week 33 intention, kundalini godless, week 34, gratitude, Ardha Parsvottanasana half plank extension, wake 35, patience, exercise, float, intention week 35, m5 Suptabaddha Konasana, practice class, week 36 intuition, seated namaste series, week 37, reflections, intention week 37, Balasana week 38, crossing, intention week 38, turning hands and knees with the pelvis, pkytt breathing, week 39, a loving delivery, kundalini ween breathing, week 40, birthday, week 40 intention, Savasana, assignments.

Module 1 Level 2, M6 full breath, focus points, 1, full breath, 2, circling, 3, loosening the neck, 4, turning shoulders smoothly, 5, giving wrists room, 6, side stretching, the cat, 8, the circling cat, 9, leg lifting, 10, preparation quad, meridians and yoga, overview, assignments module 1.

Module 2 level 2, 11-squat, 12 ankles loosening, 13 knees loosening, 14 hula hoops, 15 back swings, 16 tappings, bean bag, healing meditation ra ma da sa sé so hung, meaning, 17 moving weight, 18 stretching for lung and colon energy, exercise series, Anxiety confidence, exercise series, assignment, the relationship between the point of view, 19 stretching for stomach and spleen, 20, stretching heart and small intestine, 21 stretching bladder and kidneys, 22 strength in the center, 23 stretching gallbladder and liver, 24 the bridge, 25 sacrum mass, 26 relaxation for the upper back, 27 turning arms, 28 rubbing your stomach.

Module 3 Level 2, assignments, 1 full breath, 2 neck loosening, 3 shoulders smoothly turning, 4, giving wrists room, 5 the cat, 6 circling cat, 7 leg raise, 8 squat, 9 squats, mantras 10 hula hoop, 11 back swings, 12 moving weight, 13 stretching lung and colon.

Module 4 Level 2, Together, 1 making contact, 2 back massage on the side, purification and kundalini, 3 side massage, 4 relaxation of the back, 5 relaxations of the legs, 6 circulations of your legs, 7 connection between heart and uterus, Kundalini insights, 8 contacts between kidneys and uterus.

Module 5, Pressure points during pregnancy and delivery, 1 pressure point for strong blood, 2 pressure point for breathing space, 3 pressure point for energy, 4 pressure point for a strong pelvis, exercises during childbirth.

Module 6, Aftercare, The first sixteen weeks, Exam.