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Everyone benefits from a little more lovin' in their lives. Here's how yoga can help you have a better sex life.

1. Yoga gets you more in touch with your body.

Yoga helps you become more acquainted with your body and what makes you tick— and the more intimacy you have with yourself, the better intimacy you can have with someone else, says NYC-based yoga teacher Kristin McGee, who works with celebs like Tina Fey, Bethenny Frankel, and LeAnn Rimes Cibrian. "The more aware you are of sensations and feelings, the more you feel and experience everything going on during intercourse," she says. Striking a pose can also boost sexual confidence. "Yoga makes you more intimate with all the parts of your body and you cherish your body more, so you don't have a lot of the insecurities that can hold women back in the bedroom," McGee explains.

Get more intimate with:

Hip-openers! Hip-opening Poses increase blood flow to the pelvic region, improve flexibility, and offer greater access to the pelvic floor, allowing more openness in that region, McGee says. Her favorites include Pigeon Pose, Crescent Lunges, and Baddha Konasana.

To My Valentine

By Yogi Swami- SSMHG

Valentine’s Day is a tranquil day.

Calm, smooth—calm, smooth.

The tranquil and deep flow of spirit.


The soul of love—the link between us

Is the lineage of the human family

And the legacy of divinity.


This bountiful day, bless us to remember

To meet with love, hugs, and kisses.

Selflessly, humbly and in the ecstasy of God.

So we can acknowledge each other as wonders of God’s creation.


With mutual respect and love from my being to your being.

From my soul to your soul,

From my prayer to your prayer.


In the oneness of God, I say thank you, my love, and God bless you.


Atma Alya Kaur

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